FedEx Opens CNG Truck Center with Help of T-Boone Pickens



FedEx Freight dedicated a massive new CNG center for its Oklahoma City freight headquarters on Tuesday and who better to be on hand than billionaire oilman T-Boone Pickens, the energy leader who is pushing the conversion of trucks to CNG power.

The 88-year old native of Holdenville joined national leaders of FedEx as well as Gov. Mary Fallin and U.S. Rep. Steve Russell in cutting a ribbon at the truck headquarters located at 8100 South Bryant in Oklahoma City.

The CNG refueling center is actually called the FedEx Environmental Sustainability, Expanded Service Center.

“It’s a great day,” declared Pickens in brief remarks to a crowd on hand for the event. He recalled how he predicted in the 1980s that trucks should be converted to Compressed Natural Gas.

“I’ve never been one keen to giving money to OPEC and I thought it stupid that some of it eventually ended up in our enemies at war.”

Listen to his brief remarks.

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