Borehole Test Operation Doubled in Size with $2.5 million Expansion


Announced this week—-Catoosa Test Facility has completed a $2.5 million expansion at its Pawnee County operation, a completion that will double borehole testing capacity for oilfield manufacturers.

Located near Jennings, midway between Stillwater and Tulsa, the expansion was actually finished in July but it enabled CTF to add a second drilling rig to allow 18 more test wells. The research rigs use a pivoting rail system to move between test wells drilled to different stratigraphic formations and casing sizes.

The new triple rig has a Tesco 500 Top Drive, two 1300 HP triplex mud pumps and the first MudCub solids control system in the U.S.

“The new rig allows us to create new jobs and expand our testing capacity with a variety of cased boreholes up to 20″ wide and 2000′ deep, in our low risk, cost effective, and confidential environment,” said Dale Arnold, CTF Facilities Manager. “Technology focused companies who are developing new tools and instruments prefer real world test conditions instead of simulations in a laboratory.”

Catoosa Test Facility was formed 30 years ago by Amoco and later purchased in 2011 by private investors who now make testing services available to major oilfield companies. Such firms as Schlumberger, Weatherford, GE, Chevron, Shell and NOV employ their services.



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