USGS Warns of Strong Aftershocks from Pawnee Quake


While the U.S. Geological Survey officially put the Pawnee earthquake at magnitude 5.6, it could actually have been stronger, according to experts.

News 9’s Tiffany Liou reports the USGS is still analyzing the data from the Saturday morning event that was felt in several states including Tennessee to the east, Minnesota to the north and of course Texas to the south.

Daniel McNamara, a Research Geophysicist at the USGS is the one expert who continues to predict there could be a 6.0 quake in the future because the weekend quake revealed the existence of a new geologic fault near Pawnee.

“At this point, we don’t know if it is related to waste water injection, but it’s very similar to other sequences that have been, so it’s highly likely,” he explained. “Thee could be a high-magnitude four aftershock, so people should be prepared.”

See Tiffany Liou’s report on News 9.