Hamm Calls Clinton’s Solar Energy Plan “Silliest Thing I’ve Ever Heard”


“The silliest thing I’ve ever heard.”  It’s what Oklahoma oilman Harold Hamm says of Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s energy plan to install 500,000 solar energy panels to produce electricity in the U.S.

Interviewed by Stuart Varney on the Fox News Business Channel, Hamm scoffed at the idea.

“This is a very shallow energy plan,” said Hamm, chairman of Continental Resources and energy advisor to Donald Trump. “A very dangerous game.”

Hamm pointed out in the interview that Clinton’s plan would result in the majority of the panels being purchased from China and Japan and not being constructed or manufactured in the U.S.

“I don’t see solar panels on her new airplane she’s flying around. I don’t see solar panels on these 18-wheelers going down the road,” added Hamm. “I’m calling it silly. We’re trading good American jobs here in the U.S. for those in China, Japan and around the world.”

Hamm said there’s a reason China and Japan have increased solar panel production.

“They don’t have the largest gas field in the world, Marcellus and Utica Shale—they don’t have that.”



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