Group Says Pipelines are Still Safest Way to Move Oil and Gas


While Native Americans protest in North Dakota and environmentalists do the same in Oklahoma and other states with oil pipelines, a report from the Association of Oil Pipe Lines says they are still the safest way to move oil and gas across the country.

David Murk, API Pipeline Manager says the report confirms the priority placed on pipeline safety.

“But as an industry we can always do more. By constantly evaluating our safety programs and activities, learning from past experiences, and making timely and adequate adjustments, our industry will continue working towards its goal of zero incidents.”

The report showed a 13 percent jump in the past five years of the number of miles of pipeline delivering crude oil, petroleum products and natural gas liquids. But it pointed out that pipeline incidents per mile larger than 500 barrels are down nearly a third. The report also said incidents potentially impacting people or the environment outside of an operator’s facility are down 52 percent since 1999.

“Pipelines are a vital part of this nation’s energy infrastructure and ensuring they continue to operate safely will be critical to securing our energy future,” said Murk.  “Plus, the construction of new pipelines will create jobs, grow the economy and guarantee all Americans are benefitting from our nation’s energy renaissance.”



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