90-Degree Weather Still With the State This Week


Some hot weather will continue to be around this week even as energy workers are sweating away out in the oil and gas fields, working on wind generators or repairing power lines.

That’s the forecast from the Oklahoma Mesonet where Gary McManus is the State Climatologist.

“The truth is, summer isn’t dead, and while it is going to be close, we also possibly (and dangerously close to ‘probably’) haven’t seen our last 100 in the state,” wrote McManus in his Monday upset. “I’m going to go ahead and lay odds that Hooker sees 100. I’ll hedge my bets and have Tipton and Grandfield to place and show.”

He also points out that temperatures will gradually ease up toward the end of the week.

” Now many a weather guy falls for the old “summer is over, fall is here” bit
with the first couple of fronts in the first half of September. Not this
climate guy, however. I know the pain of that late September 100 that crops
up somewhere during the last week of the month. Am I predicting that?  NO! “

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