Mea Culpas from Duke University to Aubrey McClendon Family


From Duke University’s student newspaper, The Chronicle, comes word that the school has changed its mind about a $10 million claim against the estate of the late Aubrey McClendon of Oklahoma City.

Here is how The Chronicle reported the story:

The University has withdrawn its claim of $10 million against the estate of deceased donor and alum Aubrey McClendon, a Duke spokesperson confirmed Monday.

Earlier this month, Duke filed a claim for $9,942,000 in unpaid charitable pledges from McClendon, Trinity ‘81, oil magnate and a influential donor to Duke projects. In response to negative publicity concerning the decision, however, the University decided not to pursue the legal action.

“Duke University has withdrawn its claim for assets from the estate of Aubrey K. McClendon. While submitting such claims is generally a routine procedure, in this case our action was misperceived as adversarial to the McClendon family, which was never the intention,” Michael Schoenfeld, vice president for public affairs and government relations, wrote in a statement. “Aubrey was one of our most passionate and loyal graduates, always willing to support Duke when asked. We are deeply sorry for any pain this has caused the McClendon family.”

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