Senate Interim Studies to Examine Drones, Mining and Tax Issues


Oklahoma Senate President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman approved 36 interim studies on Wednesday.

“These interim studies will give Senators the chance to take a more in-depth look at the issues that are important to them and their constituents. The state constitution puts a lot of time constraints on the legislative process, so interim studies are a way to further research and discuss an issue,” said Bingman.

The studies were assigned to the Senate committee with jurisdiction over the subject matter contained within the request. The committee chairman will be responsible for scheduling committee meetings on the interim study requests.

Three requests focus on oil and gas drilling and mining in the state.

The Senate Appropriations Committee will hear Sen. Greg Treat’s interim study examining tax credit obligations owed by the State of Oklahoma (16-30).

The same committee will hear an interim study examining the long-term strategy for replacing revenue provided by oil and gas extraction (16-33). Sen. John Sparks and Sen. David Holt requested this particular interim study.

The Senate Energy Committee will hear Sen. Frank Simpson’s interim study request regarding mining pit water disposal and aquifer recharge (16-14).

The Senate Public Safety Committee will take up an interim study request by Sen. Frank Simpson regarding regulations surrounding the use of drones in Oklahoma (16-022).

A request by Sen. Mark Allen will focus on enforcement of commercial motor vehicle regulations (16-01). This interim study will be heard by the Senate Transportation Committee as well as another request by Sen. Frank Simpson to examine the Heartland Flyer subsidy for operation, economic impact, operating schedule, Texas funding, ridership and future investment (16-08).

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