Chesapeake Faces Another Royalty Lawsuit in Fort Worth


Weeks after Chesapeake Energy settled hundreds of millions of dollars in royalty lawsuits in Fort Worth, Texas, the company’s been sued by the Mansfield school district.

The district, located southeast of Fort Worth accused Chesapeake of sham transactions to cheat it out of more than $1 million from its natural gas leases, according to a report by the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

Just as in the hundreds of previous suits settled by Chesapeake, it and its partner Total E&P USA, a French Energy firm allegedly underpaid the royalties from a dozen leases held by the school district. The leases cover more than 750 acres in Tarrant and Johnson counties.

The lawsuit claims Chesapeake withheld post-production costs and improperly priced natural gas when selling it to affiliates.