Ethanol Production in US Drops from Record Numbers


Ethanol production in the U.S. dropped last week from the previous week’s historic high.

Figures from the U.S. Energy Information Agency indicated production dropped 31,000 barrels a day, resulting in an average daily production of 998,000 barrels or 41.92 million gallons a day.

Ethanol production had exceeded a million barrels a day in five of the last eight weeks. As a result, the nation’s stocks of ethanol were up to 20.4 million barrels, which is a drop of 3.6 percent from last week and an eight-week low.

When figured into gasoline consumption, here’s how it ended.  With summer time driving demand averaging 411.5 million gallons a day or 9.79 million barrels daily, the refiner/blend average was 936,000 barrels of ethanol a day. that’s the third highest rate on record. Ethanol blending had averaged 14.3 billion gallons a year over the past eight weeks.

Doing the math, it means the daily ethanol production was 10.19 percent of the daily gasoline demand.





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