Wastewater Research Has Attention of Oklahoma Oil and Gas Industry

wastewaterWhat researchers are studying in West Texas has the attention of oil and gas people and others in Oklahoma—recycle oil and gas wastewater.

Texas A & M is looking into treating the wastewater, recycling it and using it to irrigate farmland. And so far, it appears to be working according to News 9’s Alex Cameron who traveled to Lubbock and Pecos to find out about the research.

He also found out that the research has the attention of the Oklahoma Oil and Gas Association where Chad Warmington is president.

“Not only are they paying attention, a lot of those companies are leading the way.”

He said many are already recycling their wastewater.

“Primarily the recycling that’s going on is taking that water that comes back up, the produced water, and conditioning it to the point that we can re-use it in other parts of the operation.”

Watch Alex Cameron’s report at News 9.

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