Another Plains All American Pipeline Spill in California


The latest oil pipeline spill along the Pacific coast of California again involves Plains all American Energy, the same firm whose pipeline resulted in a grand jury indictment over alleged lax operations.

This time the spill involved about 29,000 gallons of crude oil near Ventura, California but the oil did not reach the beach. However, it came with a half-mile of the beach after flowing through the Prince Barranca ravine above the city.

Just 13 months ago, another Plains All American pipeline ruptured in neighboring Santa Barbara County and the oil reached the ocean and killed birds and sea lions. It also resulted in a state grand jury indictment against the company in which it was accused of failing to prevent corrosion in the pipes and of detecting the rupture immediately.

A federal investigation also led to a condemning report against the company over its alleged sloppy operations.



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