No Decisions Yet on Interim Legislative Energy Study Requests


Oklahoma House Speaker Jeff Hickman has yet to announce the list of interim study requests that could be approved on such topics as oil and gas drilling restrictions, and ways to handle wastewater disposal in the state.

“Speaker Hickman is expected to announce those studies that are approved by July 8,” according to OK Energy Today’s Alisha Davidson. “The Senate has not yet announced its interim studies, but I suspect we might have one dealing with the wind tax credits since they escaped during the legislative session.”

Rep. Steve Kouplen, as OK Energy Today reported earlier in the month, filed a request to examine oil and gas drilling restrictions on the location of habitable structures and the owner of the habitable structure’s property rights.

Rep. Richard Morrissette filed a request to study options for wastewater recycling.

Those two are the only requests focusing on energy related matters. Others include far-ranging topics from Radical Islam and Shariah Law, the spread of the Zika virus, feral hog reduction, abortion regulations, civil asset forfeiture, the future of cursive writing in Oklahoma and consolidation of judicial and District Attorney districts.



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