Legislator Wants Interim Study of Oil and Gas Drilling Setback Requirements


State legislators could be making another study and examination of oil and gas drilling in relation to homes and businesses and the rights of those property owners.

First, the State House Speaker has to approve the request for an interim study proposal that was made by Rep. Steve Kouplen, (D-Beggs) who submitted it prior to the Friday deadline for interim study proposals. He is a farmer and rancher from Beggs whose District 24 includes Hughes, Okfuskee and Okmulgee counties.

As listed on the request and the topic of proposal, the study would cover “Oil and gas; examining restrictions on the location of habitable structures and the owner of the habitable structure’s property rights.”

An explanation provided on Rep. Kouplen’s request indicated the study would examine the setback requirements for drilling and equipment. It would also explore the current state law and property owner’s rights relating to a wellbore of an active oil or gas well and its physical proximity to an occupied structure, including oil or gas surface equipment.

A phone call message left at Rep. Kouplen’s legislative office by OK Energy Today was not returned.

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