Wind Coalition Responds to Billboard Attacks with Robocall Campaign

What started as a billboard campaign waged by an oil and gas group against the wind credits for the wind industry in Oklahoma turned into a robocall campaign led by the Wind Coalition in response to the attack by the oil industry.

“Hi I’m Jeff Clark with the Wind Coalition,” started the robocall received at thousands of Oklahoma phones. “Wind energy has invested billions in Oklahoma, supporting jobs, schools, communities and land owners.”

In the brief recorded message, Clark said wind companies will pay more than one billion dollars in taxes and help fund education through 2043. He said they have already invested nearly $10 billion making wind energy the cheapest electricity for Oklahoma.

“At year’s end, only one tax credit remains for an industry contributing tens of millions of dollars annually to the state, more than offsetting this credit,” continued the message. “We must encourage lawmakers to support wind energy and keep these dollars here. Call your state legislators today. Tell them you support wind energy.”

Clark ended the message with a phone number and said the robocall was paid for by Advancing Wind. The phone number of 405-306-8108.

The robocall campaign was launched a week after Continental Resources chairman Harold Hamm and other oil and gas industry leaders began a bill board campaign attacking the wind credits given to the wind industry in the state.

OK Energy Today made an inquiry to a Wind Coalition spokesman for an explanation but the email was not answered.

Listen to robocall message.

Click here for audio



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