Promotions at Plains All American

Plains All American Pipeline, the Houston firm with big operations at the Cushing tank farm announced several officer promotions over the weekend.

Steve Falgoust, Dean Gore, Barrry Holtzman, Megan Prout, James Robert and Jim Tillis were each promoted to the position of Vice President of their respective groups.

Falgoust was named Vice President of Asset Integrity and has been with the company with 1999.

Gore is the new Vice President of Environmental and Regulatory Compliance and has been with PAA since 2011. Holtzman is Vice President of Safety, Security and Training. He’s been with the company since 2013. Prout is VP of Commercial Law and Litigation, a position she received after 11 years with PAA.

James Roberts is VP of Lease Supply and has been with PAA since 2004. Tillis, who joined PAA just a year ago, was named VP of Human Resources.

Plains All American recently received a “BBB+” crediting rating from Morningstar, a move that Morningstar said showed the company is a moderate default risk. The company remains under intensive federal, state and local regulations on transportation and processing of materials and protecting the environment, compliances that increase the partnership’s operating costs and affect margins.

The company is still reeling from federal environmental inspection following its massive oil pipeline spill last spring along the coast of Santa Barbara, Califorrnia. The spill resulted in a congressional hearing by the House Energy and Commerce Committee.


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