McClendon Indictment—-Never Just Two Sides to a Story

As a journalist for more than 40 years, I have always said there are ‘”never 2 sides to every story”, and never a story that is “black and white.”

There are “many” sides to a story and all stories, I believe based on years of covering the range of stories from crime to corruption to energy, are “gray”, not “black and white.”

Such was the story of the indictment of Oklahoma energy explorer Aubrey McClendon and of course, his tragic death. Take for instance what Allen Gilmer, chairman and CEO of Drillinginfo recently wrote about the indictment. He offered the viewpoint from the side of the oil and gas industry, stating that through the efforts of Aubrey McClendon and Chesapeake Energy, many landowners went from getting only $1 an acre for leasing their land and being able to buy a new pickup truck every few years “to being able to buy their very own Caribbean island.”

Read what Gilmer wrote under the headline “The Irony of Aubrey McClendon’s Indictment.”

Allen Gilmer on Aubrey McClendon


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