EDF Named Nation’s Leader in Wind-Powered Electricity

While EDF Renewable Energy is in the process of construction of of its Great Western Wind Project in northwest Oklahoma, the company is also the nation’s leader in the market share for the development of new wind energy capacity additions in 2015. The company developed 1,00.4 megawatts of installed capacity across Kansas, Texas, Iowa, New Mexico and Illinois giving them a 12 percent market share.

A report by the American Wind energy Association said EDF’s additions include the Slate Creek Wind and the Alexander Wind farms in Kansas; the Spinning Spur 3 Wind farm and the Longhorn Wind farm in Texas; the Carroll Area Wind farm in Iowa; the Milo Wind and the Roosevelt Wind projects in New Mexico; and the Pilot Hill Wind project in Illinois.

EDF Energy has also made wind deals involving 543 MW with Fortune 500 companies including Google. Some of the power for Google will come from the Great Western Wind Project under construction in Ellis and Woodward counties. The project should be fully operational by the end of this year. Other Fortune 500 companies being supplied electrical power from EDF wind projects are Procter and Gamble, Microsoft, Group Modelo and Walmart.

The Great Western Wind Project will produce enough electricity and avoid more than 600,000 metric tons of CO emissions a year, which is equivalent to the emissions of 125,000 passenger vehicles driven over the course of one year.


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