Wind Industry Prepares to Fight Tax Credit Elimination in Oklahoma Legislature

The battle lines are drawn on one energy bill before the Oklahoma legislature—one that proposes the elimination of tax credits for the wind industry.

Rep. Lee Denney and Sen. Jason Smalley, both Republicans, introduced HB 2818 and it is pending before the House Appropriations and Budget committee. As stated in its introduction, the measure relates to tax credits for production of electricity using zero-emission facilities. But Advancing Wind Oklahoma is stirring up opposition, urging wind supports to “take action against HB 2818 Today.”

“Wind energy is a vital part of our state’s economy and Oklahoma’s diverse energy mix, providing 17 percent of the electricity powering our homes, schools and businesses,” stated the group in an email to supporters. “But our access to wind energy and its contributions to our stat are in jeopardy.”

The group urged supporters to contact legislators to oppose the bill, stating, “It will compel wind energy companies to take their jobs and tax dollars to neighboring states, like Kansas and Texas, by taking away crucial economic support via the wind industry’s last remaining tax credit.”

The email called it bad news for all Oklahomans at a time when the state needs tax dollars and jobs.

“What can you do? Make sure your state legislator knows you support wind energy and believe he/she should vote NO on HB 2818,” added the email.

As proposed by Rep. Denney and Sen. Smalley, if the tax credit is eliminated, it would take effect January 1, 2017.

But the wind industry urged supporters, “Support a Thriving Industry in Oklahoma—ask your legislator to Vote NO on HB 2818.”


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