Iran Sanctions Bill Gains Support from Congressman Lucas

As Iran readies its oil supplies to join the global markets, Congress is working to keep certain long-held sanctions in place. Congressman Steve Russell has led the effort through his bill, The Iran Terror Finance Transparency Act. In effect, it would block President Obama’s controversial easing of sanctions against Iranian sponsors of terror and human rights abuse.

The measure passed the House and has the support of Congressman Frank Lucas.

“President Obama’s decision to strike a deal with Iran is dumbfounding. The nuclear deal lacks 24/7, on-demand inspections; it lacks any sort of reliable verification; and it forces America and our allies to trust a regime with a decades long record of funding and supporting terrorism. This deal can only be characterized as a last-ditch effort to bolster his presidential legacy,” said Lucas.

The Iran Terror Finance Transparency Act would prohibit the President from removing foreign banks from the Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control until the White House can verify these institutions have not provided services to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp or any foreign terror organization.

“While the President went entirely around Congress to ratify this agreement, I believe it’s our responsibility to ensure our sanctions against Iran are not entirely dissolved. To this end, I applaud Congressman Russell for spearheading this effort to hold the Obama Administration accountable and shine light on an international agreement many Americans were opposed to from the start.”


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