Pruitt Supports TransCanada’s Lawsuit over Keystone Pipeline Rejection

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has come out in support of the lawsuit filed by TransCanada challenging the President’s veto of a measure allowing construction of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to Nebraska.

“The Keystone XL pipeline has already boosted our economy by creating good-paying jobs and will continue to create jobs throughout the rest of the country, as well as shore up our national security by moving us closer to energy independence,” said Pruitt in announcing his support for TransCanada.

The southern leg of the Keystone runs from Cushing south to the Gulf Coast and became operational in January of 2014.

“States like Oklahoma through which the pipeline runs, want this project completed and Congress has approved the project. The president doesn’t have the constitutional authority to unilaterally block the completion of this project. I applaud TransCanada for filing this lawsuit challenging the president’s actions, and Oklahoma will support this lawsuit at each step.”

What are the chances of success for TransCanada? A report by Reuters put them slim. The suit was filed in Texas but TransCanada also filed a complaint of unfair treatment under the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Read Reuters report.

Read Reuters report


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