Packed Hearing on Earthquakes and Injection Wells

So many Oklahomans attended Friday’s state capitol earthquake hearing that it had to be moved from a meeting room to the House chambers. Representative Richard Morrissette’s hearing provided an avenue for angry Oklahomans to ask questions and demand answers about the surge in earthquakes and their apparent connection to the oil and gas industry’s wastewater injection wells.

One Edmond homeowner who simply identified himself as “Roger” raised information that showed a 2500 percent increase in wastewater well injections in Logan County in the past few years.

“I would ask…where were the watchers and what were they thinking? Twenty-five hundred percent!”

The man later wondered why Oklahoma could not do as Corporation Commissioners have done in Kansas by reducing or shutting down injection wells in Harper and Sumner counties. He noted that the shutdowns and reductions were of wells operated by the same firms that operate wells in Oklahoma.

“I would agree with you,” said Rep. Morrissette. “You need to spread the word…the policy makers in this building are the ones who need to address what you just heard.”

Others raised questions about insurance and State Insurance Commissioner John Doak was on hand to answer what he could.

Listen to some of the hearing.

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