Oklahoma Injection Wells Received Tiny Amount of Out-of-State Wastewater

Not all of the wastewater dumped into those controversial injection wells suspected of causing earthquakes in Oklahoma came from state wells. A small amount came from out-of-state.

Of the 1.5 billion barrels pumped back below the earth’s surface in 2015, 2.4 million came from Texas, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico and Arkansas. But the amount represented less than two-tenths of one percent of the total 1.5 billion barrels.

Texas dumped the highest amount into Oklahoma injection wells—2.1 million barrels. Kansas contributed 278,000 barrels while 42,000 barrels came from New Mexico. Another 16,000 barrels came from Colorado and 4,000 barrels were added by the state of Arkansas.

Most of the out-of-state wastewater came from wells located adjacent to the state line.

Listen to Alex Cameron’s report from News 9.

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