Most Oklahomans are Not Satisfied with State Leaders over Earthquake Problem

A poll by News 9 and News on 6 TV stations indicates most Oklahomans think state leaders are not doing a good job in responding to the earthquake dilema in the state. Most think, if anything, they’re doing a “poor job”.

The poll conducted by SoonerPoll indicated 41 percent have a low opinion of what state leaders are doing to resolve the problem. Nearly 28 percent said Governor Mary Fallin and other elected leaders are doing a “fair” job while 14 percent rated their work as “good.”

Three percent called it “excellent” and the remaining 15 percent were not sure how they would grade the work.

SoonerPoll found that 54 percent blamed the earthquakes on the oil and gas drilling activities. However, 20 percent still believe the quakes are a naturally occurring phenomenon. Slightly more than 25 percent are not sure what’s causing the surge in quakes.

As the TV news operations pointed out, the state Corporation Commission has taken such steps as asking companies to reduce water volumes into their wastewater injection wells close to the epicenter of earthquakes. Then there is the collaboration of four state agencies, three research universities, two oil and gas industry associations and one environmental organization on the Coordinating Council on Seismic Activity, a council created by Governor Fallin.

Finally, there was the transfer of $50,000 to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission for staff and technological resources to support the commission’s response to the earthquakes. The most recent response was the shutdown of several wells operated by SandRidge Energy near Fairview in northern Oklahoma and the reduction of its operation of dozens of other injection wells in the region.

OK Energy Today has learned the Commission could be considering even more drastic action statewide, action that could be unprecedented in doing something to stop or reduce the number of earthquakes.


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