Morrissette To Hold Quake Public Hearing Later This Month

State Representative Richard Morrissette announced Monday he’ll be hosting a public forum for any and all comers to talk about the increased number and strength of earthquakes and the connection with disposal injection wells. The public hearing is scheduled for January 15, 2016, at the State Capitol from 9am to 4:30pm.

The Oklahoma City Representative has called out Governor Mary Fallin for not calling a moratorium on disposal wells.

“After years of unprecedented levels of quakes and being handed every excuse in the book by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and Governor Fallin and her team, last week’s earthquake activity in Edmond was really all our citizens are going to put up with,” said Morrissette. “No one in a position of authority is taking this seriously. How in the world did we just a few days ago discover that Edmond sits on a fault line? If someone knew this, why wasn’t that information shared with those investing their life savings in homes and businesses in the Edmond area? We need to know and know now where quakes are likely to occur. Now that the energy sector greedily and wantonly, without consideration of the well-being of Oklahomans or the environment in which they are expected to live, has literally made Swiss cheese of what was once our sacred home to drill a massive unstable cavern beneath our own feet, the days of tax credits protecting the gas and oil industry moguls at the expense of hard working Oklahomans is over.”

Morrissette also contends the Governor has the authority to put a disposal well moratorium in place, but simply refuses to do so by hiding behind semantics.


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