Massive Increase in Injection Well Use in Oklahoma in Past 6 Years

Records show the volume of wastewater from oil and gas wells in Oklahoma rose 81 percent in the past six years, according to a report in The Tulsa World. The paper found that the amount of wastewater injected into the Arbuckle, the state’s deepest geologic formation swelled 141 percent in the same six-year period. The information came in a study published in December by the Oklahoma Geological Survey and scientist Kyle Murray, a hydrogeologist.

His study tried to link the increase in seismicity to the increase in saltwater disposal wells.

“I think it just further supports the scientific work that’s been done that looks at saltwater disposal and correlations with seismicity, because the disposal volumes increased in areas that are seismically active,” said Murray in an interview with the World.

His report showed significant increases in wastewater volumes in 43 of 66 counties and specifically in five counties: Alfalfa, Grant, Woods, Payne and Garfield.

Read full story in Tulsa World.

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