Inhofe Calls on Department of Justice to Investigate EPA Actions

Senator Jim Inhofe is joined by Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska in sending a letter asking the Department of Justice to investigate a possible violation of the Anti-Deficiency Act by the Environmental Protection Agency. The concern they raised is over the Waters of the U.S.(WOTUS) rule and how the EPA used a media campaign to solicit response from the public as the rules were being formulated.

The letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch centers its argument on the Government Accountability Office’s finding that the EPA had violated the Anti-Deficiency Act by promoting its WOTUS rules in ways expressly prohibited by Congress.

Inhofe and Sasse believe the EPA is being cavalier toward the GAO’s findings and its duty to investigate so the person or persons responsible can be identified. They are requesting the DOJ to step in.

“Something is tremendously wrong when a federal agency thinks it can break the law and illegally spend taxpayer dollars,” said Inhofe. “But that is the situation we have right now with EPA and their efforts to fool hardworking Americans about their Waters of the United States rule. EPA must be held accountable, and I look forward to hearing what the Department of Justice finds in their investigation.”

“The EPA thinks it can stonewall all it wants but no bureaucracy is above the law,” said Sasse. “Despite the fact that the Government Accountability Office found that they broke federal law by running a covert propaganda campaign to support their sweeping WOTUS rule, the EPA has doubled down on their lawlessness. It’s time for the Department of Justice to investigate.”


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