House Speaker Moves to Get More Earthquake Power for Corporation Commission

Those state workers responsible for developing the research and response to the earthquakes in Oklahoma are welcoming the recent move by Governor Mary Fallin to transfer $1.4 million in emergency funds to the Oklahoma Geological Survey and the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. So are state leaders.

“I am very pleased the Governor identified these funds for urgently needed improvements to the Corporation Commission system for data on salt water disposal wells,” said Jeff Hickman, State House Speaker. “This is a good step toward the desperate need to implement 21st century technology at the Corporation Commission. The additional funds for the Oklahoma Geological Survey will hopefully expedite the filling of critical staff positions and provide more research on earthquakes in Oklahoma.”

Rep. Hickman also said he has filed HB 3158 to make certain there is no doubt the Oklahoma Corporation Commission has full authority and jurisdiction to take immediate action in an emergency to shut down or reduce volumes at disposal wells.

“I appreciate the governor’s action and I look forward to working on HB 3158 as well as the long-term technology needs at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission during the upcoming session,” added Hickman.

Watch News 9’s Christy Lewis report on how the funds will be used at the two state agencies.

Watch News 9 report


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