Governor’s Critic to Hold Day-long Earthquake Forum at Capitol

The same day the Oklahoma Corporation Commission announced its latest plans targeting wastewater injection wells because they are suspected of causing major earthquakes in Edmond, Oklahoma City Rep. Richard Morrissette said he will hold an earthquake public hearing at the State Capitol on Jan. 15.

“My phone is ringing off the hook and my email account is loaded with messages from Oklahomans praising my office for taking action,” said Morrissette in explaining why he will hold the hearing.

The Democrat legislator has been critical of Gov. Mary Fallin for not taking strong enough action against the oil and gas industry and last week called her a ‘shill of the oil and gas industry.’ He continued his criticism on Monday.

“After years of unprecedented levels of quakes and being handed every excuse in the book by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and Governor Fallin and her team, last week’s earthquake activity in Edmond was really all our citizens are going to put up with,” said Morrissette in a press release from his Oklahoma City legislative office.

He is planning a day-long public hearing at the capitol from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Room 412C “to provide a forum for those wishing to speak on the topic of the recent unprecedented increase in earthquake activity known to be caused by the gas and oil industry’s injection well disposal methods, post fracking.”

Rep. Morrissette charged that no one in a position of authority is taking the issue seriously.

“How in the world did we just a few days ago discover that Edmond sits on a fault line?” asked the legislator. “If someone knew this, why wasn’t that information shared with those investing their lifesavings in homes and businesses in the Edmond area?”

Morrissette remains highly critical of the oil and industry.

“I called for Governor Fallin to take executive action to bring about a moratorium on injecting ‘produced water’ and she incorrectly responded with more excuses to say that she has no such authority to call for a moratorium. Governor Fallin, you served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. You were the Lt. Governor. You were an OK U.S. congresswoman. You understand the law and the power that you wield and the responsibility that comes with that power. You have the authority and the responsibility to demand specific action be taken by the Corporation Commission to include demanding a moratorium on disposal well activity.”


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