Gasoline Prices Average $1.53 in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has become one of only three states in the nation with a gasoline average prices below $1.60 a gallon, according to AAA Oklahoma’s Fuel Gauge Report which indicated the new statewide average is $1.53 per gallon.

It is the second-lowest point in more than seven years and represents a 4-cent a gallon drop over the past week.

“You have to go back to early January 2009 to find a price average as low as we have now,” said Chuck Mai, spokesman for AAA Oklahoma. “But I wouldn’t get used to it. We know pump prices will rebound before too long as refineries gear down for seasonable maintenance, which will reduce supply. They’ve been running too hard for too long to keep this up much longer.”

At least seven cities in Oklahoma have averages in the $1.40s with the lowest average honor going to Muskogee where motorists can fill up at $1.41 a gallon average. Lawton is second lowest with an average of $1.42 while others not far off are Bartlesville, Grove, Ponca City, Shawnee and Tulsa.

Oklahoma City’s average is $1.51, a drop of five cents in the past week. Last year at this time, the average was $1.79 a gallon.

In Tulsa, the average price is $1.45, a nickel higher than last week. A year ago, the average price for a gallon of unleaded in Tulsa was $1.79.

Missouri drives are enjoying the lowest gas prices in the country. The statewide average for the Show Me state is $1.53. It is the only other state paying less than Oklahoma motorists.

California continues with the highest average in the U.S. at $2.65 a gallon. Hawaii is next at $2.63.


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