Directors Chosen at Enterprise Products

Houston-based Enterprise Products Partners L.P., a firm with extensive pipeline operations in Oklahoma announced the election of directors constituting the board of its general partner, Enterprise Products Holdings LLC.

Richard H. Bachman, president and ceo of privately-held Enterprise Products Company was elected the non-executive vice chairman of the board of Enterprise GP. W. Randall Fowler was also elected president of the general partner and restructured management group known as the Office of the chairman.

Other directors of the board of Enterprise GP are Randa Duncan Williams as the non-executive chairman; A.J. “Jim” Teague, the CEO of Enterprise GP; Carin M. Barth; F. Christian Flach; James T. Hackett; Charles E. McMahen; William C. Montogomery; and Richard S. Snell.

Bachmann has served as a director since 1999. Fowler has been a director of Enterprise GP since 2011.

Enterprise Products made a $2.15 billion purchase of EFS Midstream and its 460 miles of natural gas gathering pipelines, many which run through Oklahoma and connect to the Cushing oil storage farm. Enterprise has nearly 51,000 miles of onshore and offshore pipelines and storage facilities capable of holding 225 million barrels of crude oil.



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