Cheap, Cheap Gasoline in South OKC

With Monday’s crude oil trading in the $31 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, gasoline prices continued their plunge in Oklahoma with one gas station in Oklahoma City pumping it at $1.39 a gallon.

Gas Buddy reports the $1.39 gas is being sold at a DUO station on SE 46th street while numerous other stations are pumping it in the $1.40 to $1.45 range.

The Oklahoma average on Monday was $1.66 a gallon, according to Gas Buddy. That’s a four cent drop from a week ago. Nationally, the average on Monday was $1.96 a gallon.

Oklahoma City’s average was down to $1.66 from $1.73 last week. In Tulsa, the average is $1.59 a gallon compared to $1.58 a week ago. Tulsa’s cheapest gasoline was being sold for $1.43 a gallon on Monday.

Motorists will have to go back several years to remember $1.39. In December of 2009, an HEB station in Texas pumped it for that amount.


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