Blog Suggests Windmills are Causing Earthquakes in Oklahoma—Not Injection Wells

A ‘must read’ article about Oklahoma earthquakes is one posted on the Feeding Jimmy website, one that proposes another theory about what’s causing the quakes—windmills! Yes, it is tongue-in-cheek but drew responses from readers. And the posting has certainly drawn plenty of comments from Oklahomans, ranging from those who think it’s preposterous to those who think it’s quite humorous.

“Any fool that has the title saying ‘windmills’ is automatically discredited and is only writing this article to get attention because he is bored and has nothing better to do than to stir the pot,” wrote one responder.

“I suppose all those earthquakes in California are because of all that wind the buildings catch,” wrote another. Still another said, “I think this article is genius.”

Regardless, the author suggests windmills cause earthquakes.

“I can back it up with charts, maps and data. What I don’t have is a huge government grant to fund my research,” he responded after writing the article earlier this month. “But is it true? Do windmills actually cause earthquakes? It doesn’t matter. I made the accusation. Now it’s up to them to disprove it. And until they do, we need to shut down all windmill construction. That’s the way it works, guys.”

While scientists, state leaders and politicians blame the oi land gas industry’s wastewater injection wells, says the construction of windmill farms in Oklahoma correlates much better to the sudden upward trend of earthquakes. He matches the timeframe of windfarm developments in the state to the start of the earthquake surges.

“Besides turning wind energy into electrical energy, windmills transfer wind energy into kinetic energy by doing work on the tectronic plate,” wrote the author.

That’s the premise of his theory.

“What do you think when you build a ton of windmills in western Oklahoma and the whole ground crashes into eastern Oklahoma? You get tons of earthquakes in Central Oklahoma!”

Sarcasm aside, it’s clear the author is attempting to show that despite the lack of hard scientific evidence linking wastewater injection wells to causing earthquakes in the state, the state is moving ahead with the unproven belief. So he’s raised another possible cause.

Read his blog.

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