1,000 out-ofo-State Linemen Helping OGE with Outages

Obviously when you have tens of thousands of Oklahomans without electrical power because of the winter storm, that means extensive damage to the utilities.

Oklahoma Gas and Electric’s website indicates the damage report includes more than 400 poles, 600 cross arms and 32 other structures.

The poles and cross arms are apparent victims of 60 and 70 mile and hour winds and ice. The weight of the accumulated ice on the lines being whipped around by the strong winds was enough to snap power poles.

But the numbers could grow, according to the OGE website.

Meanwhile the utility worked fast in the past few days to cut the outages.

OGE brought in additional help—1,000 linemen from Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee and Texas.


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